Day 15: Adding Art Assets to a Prototype Game

This whole time, we’ve been working with just basic shapes. Now it’s time for an upgrade! We’ll be replacing all the placeholder prototype stuff with actual spaceship assets.

First, where can we get these assets? I’m using art given by the GameDevHQ 2D course, but if you are following along, there’s always some free assets you can use from the Unity store instead.

First lets add a background image. Let’s just drag it to the hierarchy.

We can adjust the edges of the background to match the camera by resizing it in the scene view.

Now we can add a new player sprite to replace the dinky little square. I already removed the blue material, so now we can replace its sprite with a spaceship like so:

An issue we might have here is that Unity doesn’t necessarily know which sprite should go on top of each other. If not set up properly, the background could end up over top of the player like this:

In this case, we need to set up some sorting layers so we can properly have the player ship displayed over top of the background. We can do all this through the Sprite Renderer component that the Player and Background both have.

We should also change the size of the ship while we are at it, since it’s a bit too large right now.

Now the ship is properly sized and placed over the nebulae in the background.

Lets update the enemies as well. We can open up the enemy prefab and also replace its sprite with a new image.

Similar for the laser. We can set its sprite to new laser art, and replace its capsule collider with a box collider. I’ve made sure to check the “is trigger” box.

The colliders on the players, enemies, and lasers are now all the wrong size for these new fancy assets, so we have to adjust them all using the box colliders’ Edit Collider option.

And voila! Just like that, the “space shooter game” has become a REAL space shooter game!




I’m a passionate and talented software engineer seeking an opportunity in game development.

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Blake Zoeckler

Blake Zoeckler

I’m a passionate and talented software engineer seeking an opportunity in game development.

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